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Setting up a company in Delaware

Located on the Atlantic coast, halfway between New York and Washington D.C., Delaware is one well known for its ease in setting up and maintaining an Inc. or LLC. Anybody, resident or not, can easily incorporate in the state of Delaware. More than half a million business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 59% of the Fortune 500 companies. Your company must have a physical place of business and agent for service in the state in Delaware but this is something we provide in our standard package which includes our resident agent service.

As a non-resident, living outside of the USA there are no restrictions on setting up in Delaware and in fact most of our clients are non-US residents that need a company to use for their worldwide business (like Internet start-up) or even to hold their assets like boats and real estate. This combined with the ease of setting up and the fact that for example an LLC does not pay US state or federal income tax makes it very beneficial to setup an LLC in Delaware. These benefits apply when owners are not US citizens or green card holders, its offices are located outside the US and the LLC does not do business in the US. A Delaware LLC is also not required to file a US income tax return.

Over the years, the office of Delaware Secretary of State has consistently sought to shorten the process of filings in Delaware. In Delaware, you can have your request processed in under 24 hours, and this puts Delaware in a unique situation when it comes to incorporation. In order to setup a INC. or LLC we only need to know which company name you would like to apply for and the name of the owner for the newly formed company or LLC.

The main benefit of incorporation is that your personal assets are protected from civil liability for acts of the corporation. One of the best reasons for incorporating or forming a limited liability company, is to separate your personal assets from your company’s assets. If you conduct business without using a corporation, or limited liability company, you place your assets at risk. Separating your personal property from your business property, and using a legal form such as a corporation, can help protect your personal property.

What are the main benefits of setting up an INC. or LLC in Delaware?

  • Low setup and annual fees
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Setup can be done in under 24 hours
  • Reputable US Delaware Corporation Law
  • You may have a principal place of business/address outside of the State of Delaware or USA.
  • Delaware has no sales tax, personal property tax or intangible property tax on corporations.
  • One person may hold all positions in a Corporation or an LLC
  • No minimum capital requirements for the Corporation and LLC
  • Only one incorporator is required. A corporation may be the incorporator.
  • For companies doing business outside of Delaware, there is no corporation income tax.
  • A superb separate court system for corporate litigation is considered the best in the US
  • Low annual support costs

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  • Verify Company Name Availability
  • 1 year of Delaware registered agent service
  • Preparation of Articles of Organization
  • Document Filing with Secretary of State
  • Initial shareholder resolutions
  • Online Access to Your Incorporation Documents
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Phone & Email)
  • Free use of our prestigious address in Dover, Delaware
  • Custom LLC Operating Agreement
  • Custom LLC Banking Resolution
  • Expediting Options

  • Fast Delaware Filing Time (3 Days)
  • EXPRESS Delaware Filing Time(24 hours)
  • Tax Options

  • Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN) for US resident
  • Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN) for foreigner
  • Government fees

  • Delaware State Fee:


  • $199
  • $90
  • $289


  • $229
  • $90
  • $319


  • $329
  • $90
  • $419

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Everyone has questions forming a corporation or LLC. You are not the only one. Therefore we have put together this FAQ page to address the most important issues.

See below for the questions we hear the most, and read the answers you need to know. If you don’t see your question below, please call or email us.

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Which Type Of Company Is Right For Me?
What Is A Registered Agent? Do I Need One?

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